About Us

Recruitmentwings.com is an electronic yet simple and effective platform to assist employers who are searching for talented workforce from all over the world, and the job seekers who want to get their dream job and enhance their career graph.Our website is built to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers and to provide a simple way to exchange information quickly and professionally.

We ensure a trustworthy and reliable channel between jobseekers and employers, at the same time keeping the platform so simple and user friendly that it gives the best and fast results.

Recruitmentwings.com offers a wide range of services to registered employers like CV search, database access, Job Postingsand our premium and customized services enables them to full fill all their manpower needs at a very-very affordable cost. All Registered employers get benefited from our database that contains a large number and category of professionals from various sectors like Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transport, Banking, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Hospitality, Education, Packaging, Electromechanical, logistics etc.

Recruitmentwings.com also offers tailor-made services to assist you to hire candidates of all categories and industries. You can easily and effectively hire genuine Blue collar and White collar candidates using our services. We also offer direct service where you can sit back and relax while our team of professionals will contact you and work on your requirement.